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The Peaceful Paw
  • The Peaceful Paw

  • After Care Options


    An innovative,  eco-friendly, gentle & respectful after-care process.

    Burial Assistance

    We'll help facilitate your burial so that everything's ready when you're ready.

    About Aquamation


    Pet parents love their pets.  When they're faced with pet loss, they often feel guilty, lost and grief-stricken.  The Peaceful Paw helps pet parents to feel comforted and at peace knowing they've given their pet the most gentle and respectful after-care.  

    The Peaceful Paw uses a process called Aquamation, also called "bio-cremation", green cremation, or alkaline hydrolysis.  Aquamation is a natural process that allows the body to gently decompose. The process uses a flow of 95% water, mixed with salt and alkaline.  It is eco-friendly, gentle and respectful. 

    Unlike cremation, there is no burning of a beloved pet.  In fact, aquamation has almost no associated carbon footprint.  Because a pet's body is mostly water, this process helps the body to return to its basic components. The aquamated remains resemble fine sand and contain no black, carbonized ash, and no large bone fragments. 

    With Aquamation, pet parents feel comforted knowing they've given their beloved pet the most gentle and eco-friendly after-care.    

    Burial Assistance

    1. Feasibility Assessment

    We'll work with you to discuss burial options- home, pet cemetery, or alternative burial options. 

    2. Holding

    We'll prepare and hold your pet until the burial is scheduled. 

    3. Eco-Friendly Casket Selection

    We'll help you select an eco-friendly casket. We'll have everything ready for you, whenever you're ready. 

    To Give the ultimate kindness- start planning now.