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The Peaceful Paw
  • The Peaceful Paw

  • Plan Your Pet's After-care in 3 easy steps

    1. Choose a location/ pick-up

    We're here for you, when and where you're ready. We can pick up from your home or vet, or come to us. 

    2. Select an after-care method

    You'll feel comforted and at peace knowing you've given your beloved companion the most gentle, respectful and eco-friendly after-care: aquamation, burial or both.  

    3. Create a meaningful memorial

    Don't let go. 

    Hold on to your personalized memorial forever.

    plan after-care using our online store

    WANT US TO WALK YOU THROUGH IT? Call us @ 240.583.1383

    Use the 'Categories' Menu to start step-by-step planning. Start with your location (#1), then choose an after-care method (#2), then personalize your memorial (#3). As soon as your order is received and processed our staff will be in touch!

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    Opening soon in the D.C./Baltimore Metro Area!

    Let us know if you're interested in eco-friendly after-care. 

    The Peaceful Paw

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