Are the paws in your house peaceful? I believe they can be and through the information provided in this web site you will empower yourself and help your pet to focus, learn, and become both physically and emotionally balanced.

Working with companion animals over the past 14 years has been an enlightening journey. Dog training, thankfully, has evolved into a more humane and sensible way of teaching that encourages the animal, rather than breaking them down through fear and punishment. Dogs after all, do not teach each other through fear and punishment, nor should we.

What I have added to that teaching methodology is a focus on the emotional and physical being of the animal. Sharing your life with an animal is more than just proper manners. It is a multi-layered relationship that involves behavior and the influence of health, environmental factors and the human element on that behavior.

My career working with animals began in 1995 with the Wisconsin Humane Society and has expanded to a wide variety of wonderful training facilities, animal hospitals, public venues and families throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. For some people, their pet is the most important relationship in their life and I deeply respect and honor that relationship. Thank you for welcoming me into your lives and entrusting me to work with your beloved pets.

I encourage you to add this web site to your “Favorites” and return often, as I will always be adding new links, updated information, current events, research information and helpful tips to enhance the life bond with your companion animal.


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