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The Ultimate Kindness for Your Beloved Pet...

gentle, eco-friendly after-life care

Nobody wants to have to say goodbye.

 Goodbye’s are hard.     Don’t let go in pain. 

Plan a peaceful ending.

Pet Loss is Never Easy

We understand.

We're pet owners too. 

We've experienced losing a beloved companion. 

It's hard; we're committed to help. 

We have a process.

Using our 3 step plan, you'll feel

 comforted and at peace 

by giving your beloved companion a 

natural final rest and a 

lasting legacy.  

We care.

We treat your beloved companion with

dignity and respect. 

We'll help you honor their legacy. 

100 % Natural.

No flame cremations. 

No greenhouse gasses. 

Reduced Carbon Footprint. 

Gentle to your pet.

100% Full-Service.

From hospice referrals, to vet pick-ups, 

to aquamation or burial, to creating a memorial- and everything in between. 

We're here to help you through it. 


The Peaceful Paw

The Peaceful Paw was founded in 2018 to give pet parents an eco-friendly alternative to cremation and to provide a full-service approach pet loss. 

Tova Welik, Owner

Tova is an instant relationship builder, with deep empathy for those experiencing loss. When her family had to face difficult after-life care decisions for their pet, Tova felt there had to be a better way. That's how The Peaceful Paw was started. 

Our Vision

The Peaceful Paw envisions a world where pet parents feel comforted knowing that their beloved companion was treated with dignity and that their lives and memories helped to make the world a better place.  

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The Peaceful Paw

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