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The Peaceful Paw
  • The Peaceful Paw
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    Your pet's after-care is in your hands

    It's normal to feel loss & guilt.

     You've always given your full love & compassion. 

    And when the time comes, after-care should be no different. 

    Pet Loss is Never easy

    We understand.

    We understand the pain & loss you feel when losing a beloved companion. We're committed to guiding you to choosing the best after-care for your pet. 

    We have a process.

    Using our 3 step plan, you'll feel 

    comforted and at peace 

    by giving your beloved companion a 

    natural completion of their life-cycle

     and a meaningful  memorial.  

    We care.

    We treat your beloved companion with reverence, dignity and respect. 

     We treat your pet as you would 

    want them to be treated.

    Plan after-care in 3 Steps:

    Step 1: Call Us

    We're available Mon.-Fri. 9-5


    Step 2: Choose Natural & Gentle

    Choose between a gentle process of eco-cremation (aquamation) or eco- burial

    Step 3: Select a Memorial

    You'll plan a meaningful memorial to hold on to, forever.

    Hold on to your aftercare, forever

    Your companion deserves compassion, love, dignity & respect... even after they've passed. 

    They deserve a natural and gentle option. 

    Unlike standard after-care, we'll never: 

    • Use freezers

    • Return the wrong pet's cremains

    • Use 1400 degrees or more of fire & heat to incinerate your beloved companion

    • Dispose any of your pets remains as solid-waste

    When you choose The Peaceful Paw your committing to premium after-life care for your pet. You'll feel comforted knowing that your beloved companion is treated with compassion, dignity, respect, and love. You'll be at peace knowing you've given the most gentle and natural after-care care, to hold on to, forever.  

    Download Our Guide to Creating a Meaningful Memorial

    Learn how to create a meaningful and personalized memorial for your beloved pet. Enter your e-mail and begin planning a lasting legacy.

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    Let us know if you're interested in aquamation- we're excited to bring this new technology to the D.C./ Baltimore Metro Region

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